Thanks for your comments! I have looked at Taylor's writings. I agree there is so much more to understand than the scope he outlined. One idea that occurs to be is the balance between short-term and long-term value (however value is defined).

Much of the drive to get to shareholder value is short-term while efforts for employees is long-term. To be sure, we need to pay attention to the short-term but to be an ongoing concern means understanding how to drive the long-term value of the organization and that means the employees need to be wrapped around that idea.

It's an interesting dilemma that people who are responsible for employees are driven to be managers, so focused on the short-term, when that is against their best interests (as well as that of the firm and the employee.) How do we build systems that has them also act as leaders with a focus on the long-term? That question fascinates me!

A former Navy pilot, now Analytics professor at the Univ. of Richmond and President of The Change Decision consulting on managing change to achieve Joy at Work!

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